Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I change Favorite Sites?

A. On Wepple's homepage, click on where it says 'Favorite Sites' and
you can change site information (or just click here).

Q. My site information is all gone. Why?

A. When your web browser's cookies get deleted, all information is gone permanently. Cookies can be erased by the user manually or by software.

Q. How can I delete Recently Visited Sites information?

A. You may restore everything by deleting your web browser's cookies.

How to delete cookies on Internet Explorer:
click the 'Tools' icon (or press ALT + X) -> click 'Internet Options' ->
click 'Delete(D)...' -> check 'Cookies(O)' and 'Delete(D)' ->
close and reopen Internet Explorer

Q. No website information is being stored even after several times of using Wepple.

A. Please enable your web browser's cookie and javascript options.

Q. Wepple is not working properly.

A. Cookie and javascript options must be enabled for Wepple to function properly. Please enable the options or try Wepple with another browser.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. Thank you.