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Identification Code Tips

Do not choose a code that your child can guess.

Once chosen, please write it down or email it to yourself.

Identification Code Examples

Hamilton1924 (mother's maiden name and birth year)

clydetheturtle (first pet's name & kind)

Identification Code Information

The identification code is stored only

on the computer viewing this page.

Privacy Policy

WEPPLE.net does not collect any code information.

Everything is stored on the user's computer.

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What is WEPPLE.net Family Mode?

When Family Mode is on, WEPPLE.net will filter out as many websites as possible and searches with certain words will not work.

Family Mode is a feature designed to protect chlidren and young adults from the Internet, so please be understanding of any inconvenience it may cause.

To turn off Family Mode, the correct identification code should be entered by a parent only.

If the identification code is not possible to be recalled, then please expunge cookie files from your web browser.

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